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(The sheer irony...)
* LilDragonGuy patches self up and steals blood from a random were
* KVHawk is drained
* Rynoah injects KV with olive oil to make up for lost blood.
<Jessicat> O.O
<Rynoah> Now he IS KY.
<LilDragonGuy> Why not get some blood from your creative mind? There's lots of blood in there
<KVHawk> Heyyeah!
* KVHawk imagines some blood ...
<KVHawk> *thud*
* KVHawk gurgles
* Rynoah sweeps KV out the door.
<LilDragonGuy> Not you KV, Ryn
<Rynoah> Whee!  Bloody nose!
(It's a cold day...)
<Rynoah> See ya SnotTiggy!
<Aleilisth> ...
<Rynoah> *-t+w!
* Aleilisth thwapts Runny
<Cheraiya> O.o
<LilDragonGuy> lol
<Aleilisth> **Rynny!
<Aleilisth> Dear gods
(Buy yours today!)
* Rynoah noogies Shagster.
* Shaggy ist noogied
<Crabman> No no no!!
<Crabman> Shaggy ist noogit!
<Rynoah> Noogit?  Sounds like something in a candybar.
* Shaggy ist noogit
<Rynoah> "The Were Bar!  Contains werenuts, caracamel, and Shaggy noogit!"

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