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Yeah, you found it.  After all my promises and "I wills", I finally got the gumption to add some of my stuff online.  It will be very rare that you find a complete book or story here: this is the place where I dump quips and snippets of stories I'm working on or stories that I have running around inside my head that scream "GET ME OUT!" (yes, I do have some that actually do that.  I told you I was crazy).  Or they may not be stories at all.  Like my rantings, they could just be something to let out emotion.  In other words, you're getting a glimpse into teh INFRAMUS Writing Notebook(TM) which has never before been revealed to another's eyes.  Feel special.  However, the copyright still stands.  If I find you stealing any of this, copying any of this or altering and then copying this, I will hunt you down accordingly and you'll feel the full wrath of a courtroom.  I'm not kidding: this is MY stuff.  MINE, not yours.

Available Sections:
Is A Name: Something that will probably never be added to.  A murder mystery about a deranged killer who suffers from a strange psychotic disease that causes him to become beastly whenever he becomes stressed or excited and mutilate the bodies of several women.  The only clue he leaves behind, strangely, are the words "is a name", usually scrawled in the blood of his victims.  I have the plotline down for this one, but it will probably never be finished due to reasons of my own that I do not wish to discuss here.
Miscellaneous: Usually fanfictions of sorts or whatever.  Just random stuff that I couldn't find a place (or story) for.
Nothau: A story based on a role-play character in an RPG I used to run called "Half-Realm".  I've wanted to start Half-Realm up again many times, but never get enough users to keep it running long.  Ah well.  Some things are meant to be, but others....  This story is in many bits and pieces that are only connected in my mind.  I dunno if I'll ever finish this one, but it's definitely a great project to play with.
Patron of Legends: Look!  A finished story!  This was written for a good friend of mine.  I met her online and have known her for three years, but didn't get to actually meet her until just recently, when I gave her the story.  I wish I had taken a picture of the homemade cover I made for it, because it was my best work yet.  Anyway, this was her Christmas present, but she didn't get it till March because I'm a procrastinator.  A sequel is in the making, but I can't guarantee it'll actually ever get done.  (If you don't have time to sit down and read it on the Internet and can open Word .docs, you can download it here.  No other formats are available for download, because Tripod is pissy that way, so if you can't open .docs, e-mail me and I'll be happy to send you a copy in Rich Text Format.)
Untitled Patron of Legends Sequel: Yeah, I think the "title" speaks for itself.  Only quips will be found in this one, as I haven't completed the sequel and nothing is set in stone.  Besides, I don't want to give away the whole thing before it's finished (which, despite my previous statements, it will be because it's my friend's birthday present).
Pup: A very, very old project that I've wanted to write for a while.  It's not finished and it may take a long time to actually complete, as I am a very bad procrastinator.  The character names are going through lots of revamping as they've already been used in a completed story (Patron of Legends), so don't freak out when things change.

Soon to come!:
The Silver Fawn: Well... it sucks.  That's all I can say.  My first attempt at my friend's Christmas present.  I'm so glad she didn't get this one.
The Untitled Flop: I have NO idea why I did this one.  My first attempt at fantasy writing.  Can we say, "She watched LotR before writing this" or what?

All characters are copyright to me unless otherwise expressed.