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This has got to be the most horrid area of my site (besides the art page but we won't go into that).  This is where I will snarl, rage, tear and shred problems in my life, people who cause problems in my life and just people in general.  As a rule, the names of other people will not be mentioned.  It's not that I'm too cowardly to yell to their faces, it's just that they've got the right to privacy, no matter how low-down the ingrates may be.

WARNING: Rant content is HARSH and mostly VULGAR.  If you find these things offensive DO NOT READ THEM.  All flames related to my rantings will be IGNORED or replied to with deadly sarcasm.
Okay, here's how it works.  There are now four basic kinds of rants on this page:
Story Rants: Basically a rant in story format.  Most of these are extremely gorey and full of blood-spattering rage.  The main character in the majority of them is an X-Men-esque mutant named (ironically) Lynn who has the ability to shift into the form of a large, black, winged cat with saber teeth, eagle-like forefeet and other interesting features that I'm too lazy to write down at the moment.
Article Rants: Rants in a newspaper-like format.  Probably my most sarcastic ones and good for some reading fun if you don't mind a few swear words now and again.
Incoherent Rants: Full of swearing, screaming, hurtling projectiles and more.  Very rare rants and the most non-understandable of the whole bunch.
Forward Flaks: The. Best. Rants. Ever.  Inspired by Jeanne Rubbo's Videogame Recaps (which you will now visit), these rants pick apart forwards I recieve from (a) friend(s).  At least they give me SOMETHING to do with the danged things.