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Bad picture of me. Bad, bad, bad. Need new one.

Up Close And Personal With El Puma

Well, here goes:
I am a native of Arizona, living in a small town by the name of Snowflake--where I have spent my entire existence.  I am sixteen years old and the last of eleven children.  More pictures of me HERE!

My life's pretty average: wake up, vegitate, eat lunch, vegitate some more, play games, vegitate, eat dinner, vegitate.  I live with three other siblings, all older than me, and my parents.  I'm a sophomore (AKA "wise-fool") in Snowflake High school, home of the Snowflake Lobos (we rule!  Yes we do!) and do not attend anymore because they dropped me for excessive absences (yes, I know.  Absences are bad.  I've heard it before.  Shut up).  I like to play with computers/entertainment systems (Final Fantasy X rules), draw, write, read, make sarcastic remarks, sleep, eat and vegitate.  And movies.  Ohhh, I love movies.  Movies are to sun as Lynn is to Earth.  In other words, I almost revolve around movies.  I've got a few choice actors that I bestow my utmost obsessiveness and adoration upon: Hugh Jackman, Sean Bean, and Ewan McGregor (*SLAP*).  I am single and will remain that way for quite a while.

Muh kitteh! W00t! This is Indiana (Indy for short). My sister named him (obviously).

Favorites And Other Useless Stuff

Patriot Games
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Star Wars (all of them)
Someone Like You
Moulin Rouge!
Conspiracy Theory

Books 'n' Bands/Singers:
The Lord of the Rings trilogy - J.R.R. Tolkien
Crown of Stars series - Kate Elliot
The Xanth Books - Piers Anthony
Dream Theater
Josh Groben
Ewan McGregor