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(Regarding merging my mate Rabid into my story rants)
Rynoah, FBI Kitty says: Alright then.  But I will demand that you make a character.
Jim says: Okay.  Jim.  There.
Jim says: :)
Jim says: The boyfriend that's in every one of your classes, magically.
Rynoah, FBI Kitty says: Bwa ha ha!
Jim says: Good?
Rynoah, FBI Kitty says: Good.  Want any mutant powers with that?
Jim says: Do whatever you want.
Rynoah, FBI Kitty says: Sounds like a McDonald's.  "Yes, I'd like one angsty teen with a medium mutant power and a tendancy to kill people, please."
Rynoah, FBI Kitty says: "That'll be 3.60 at the second window."

Bloopers are copyright me... just kidding, guys.