Story Rants

Remember: Rants are harsh, violent and (sometimes) vulgar.  If you find that offensive, TURN BACK NOW!
With that over with:
September 9 2002 - KILL!: Lynn lays some smackdown on some frightened students.
Rated: R; Violence
September 25 2002 - You're Gonna Pay: Lynn gets in a fight and discovers a strange feature to her power. 
Rated: PG-13; Violence, some coarse language
October 2 2002 - Hand In The Cookie Jar: On a trip, a group of drunkards decide to vandalize the bus Lynn and Jim came over on.  A little late do they realize that the two mutants are still on the bus.  Jim's First Episode!
Rated: R; Violence, some coarse language

The characters Jim and Lynn are copyright to ME and Rabid.  Steal them, I'll kill you in the most horrible ways you can imagine.