Lynn has shifted into her mutant form for the first time... right in the middle of Biology!  A student was teasing her, finally pushed her and triggered her power.  Now, there's blood everywhere...
She snarled, pacing the classroom floor while the students and teacher cowered against the far wall, watching her with wide eyes.  Her paws sloshed in the blood of the boy she'd killed; it ran down her chin and throat, dripping from her muzzle and the long canines that protruded from her upper jaw.  His mutilated corpse lay against the other wall where she had thrown it, seeping fluids slowly.  One of the students sobbed loudly, shattering the awkward silence.  She growled at the girl, flattening blood-flecked ears and lifting her wings just slightly.  The frightened girl gulped down a further attempt for attention.  That's what it was: a vie for attention.  If she got out of here, Lynn knew the girl would lap up the media attention she would get.  And then she would run to a therapist and cry there.  All for attention.  All blondes got attention.
The irrepressable rage that had brought on this transformation surged through her, making her tremble.  The purplish saliva flowed down her throat, calming her considerably.  She would not kill them.  Not yet.
She resumed her pacing, glaring around for any uniformed men.  None came.  She could hear them bustling about outside, perhaps preparing an attack of sorts.  They would try to euthanize her, she knew.  Or they would lock her away and leave her to rot.
A boy started to whisper to his comrade.  She heard what he said: "Let's take it down."  Her lips pulled back slightly in a grin as they whispered their plan back and forth.  She heard every word of it and worked out counter strikes to every step they planned.  And then, they put it into action.
One leaped up and shouted at her, waving his arms to get her attention.  She played along.  "Always the little actress."  Isn't that what her parents had called her?  She saw his partner slip through the mass of students and duck behind a table.  When he thought she wasn't looking, he jumped up and dived behind another desk.  He was aiming to slip behind her as his friend shouted at her, seeing her gaze turn from him.  She didn't respond.  The kid leaped forward and slapped her on the muzzle, hard.  Quick as a flash, she laid open his belly with her curved talons.  His scream split her sensitive ears as he staggered back, holding his intestines in his arms.  The other students screamed as well, scrambling farhter against the wall.  The boy's friend leaped up with a shout and dived at her.  Muslces coiled, she sprang away.  One of her wings smacked him in the face, causing him to stumble.  It was all the opportunity she needed to leap in with teeth bared.  She heard the satisfying crunch and felt his skull shatter between her jaws.  Blood and water seeped into her mouth and pooled on the floor.  His brain was smushed between her teeth and leaked over everything.  She clawed his back wide open, exposing spine and ribs.  His disemboweled comrade made no move to stop her as she pulled and jerked on his spine, snapping it in several places.  Blood washed over her forelegs and chest.  The metallic, foamy taste of bome marrow and human flesh tainted her mouth.  The linoleum became slippery as she finished the mauling of this corpse and tossed it away with a jerk of her head.  Then, she turned her attention to the injured student.  He was surrounded by others now, many whispering advice as the teacher applied pressure to stop the bleeding.  She growled.  He had rivalled her authority.  He would pay.
She sauntered towards them, forefeet making soft slushy sounds on the hard floor.  Some of the students whimpered and scrambled away like roaches from the kitchen light.  Others stood their ground.  She snarled at these and they gave way to her hesitantly.  Even the teacher, whom she snarled at and slashed the air before his nose, backed away.  Only the boy and the sobbing girl remained.
The girl clung to his bloodied shirt, sobbing hysterically.  Lynn hissed at her and slashed the air as a warning.  The girl only screamed and cried louder like a stricken pig.  Lynn had little patience.  Her next swipe split open the girl's face in three places: brow, nose and chin; all to the bone.  The girl screeched louder and clutched the wounds.  Then, in a sudden spurt of fury, she kicked out.  Lynne easily dodged and lashed out again, ripping the girl's leg from knee to ankle.  Her patience completely gone, Lynn grabbed her by the forehead and collar with her forefeet and then ripped out her throat.  The girl's screams turned into gurgling hisses that soon stopped completely.  Her blood mingled with that of the three previous victims'.  Lynn made quick work of the injured boy, tearing him in half and then gnawing on his ribs until his struggles ceased.  Over the hum of the electric lights, she could hear the whimpers and frightened squeals of her prisoners.

More later...