You're Gonna Pay

Lynn's just been caught writing an anonymous sarcastic note to one of her classmates, who overreacts.  Time for some more gore...
She looked to either side.  Her opponents stood in a semicircle around her, three of them.  Her mind raced.  Why hadn't she denied that she had written the note?  It didn't matter.  What had passed was over.  She tensed, awaiting the first attack.  The girl across from her sneered.
"You're gonna pay now, bitch," she hissed.  Lynn said nothing and waited ever more.  She knew as soon as she got the upper hand in this fight, the other two would step in.  She had to disable them first.
Too late.  The girl stepped forward, throwing a punch for her stomach.  Lynn nimbly leaped back and prepared herself for the next assault.  The girl made an attempt to tackle her but Lynn was too quick, countering with an uppercut.  Her knuckles stung as they connected with her antagonist's chin, knocking her backwards.  As the mutant had suspected, the two cronies jumped her from either side.  She successfully dodged one.  However, she could not sidestep the other, going down under the other's weight.  A knee buried into her ribs, forcing the air from her lungs.  The first recovered herself and came forward, mouth bleeding.  Her foot went back for a kick.  Lynn became frantic as the leg came down.  She lashed out with a hand, caught the foot and twisted with all her might.  The girl screamed and went down.  Lynn quickly grabbed the one atop her by the throat and shoved her backwards and off.  The second girl leaped in again but she was ready this time.  She kicked her in the back of the leg and rolled to her feet.  She was attacked from the side by the first one.  This one, she knocked away with another punch as the third leaped.  The adrenaline surged through her and she suddenly lost control.  With a snarl, that of an animal, she leaped to meet her attacker.  The force of her counter knocked the assailant over and Lynn was able to knock her senseless with a series of furious punches to the face before the second arrived to save her friend.  Lynn turned on her and charged, pinning her to a nearby wall and suckerpunching her multiple times in the gut.
"Leave them alone, bitch!" the leader of the bunch shoted, spitting blood from her mouth and wiping it from her nose.  "You're such a coward that you won't even fight me!"  It was a facade.  Lynn knew she was only trying to look courageous, even though it was she who was showing cowardice by having her two shadows beside her in, what should have been, a one-on-one fight.  It didn't matter now; she'd taken them out.  They wouldn't interfere again.
The girl tried to jump her from behind but Lynn turned quickly, throwing a low punch.  She crumpled and collapsed on the grass.  Lynn pinned her down with a hand on her shoulder and a knee in her ribcage.  Unconsiously, for she had long ago forgotten herself in the uncontrollable surge of animalistic rage, she drew back her hand as though to slap her.
Pain.  Searing, white-hot pain tore through her fingers and down her hand.  The warm wet sensation of blood trickled down her wrist.  She glanced back.  Huge, jagged claws had sprung from the tips of her fingers at the first knuckle, splitting through nail and skin like paper.  The pain was intense... yet sickeningly enjoyable.  She grinned down at her victim who stared up in horror.  She couldn't see it herself, but her teeth had grown deathly sharp, the upper canines the longest of all, overlapping the lower gums.
She swung her new set of lethal claws downward and to the side, ripping the girl's face and right shoulder open.  The girl screamed and fought madly to get away.  It was all in vain.
Then, pain stun her other hand.  The girl screeched and gurgled.  Claws had sprung from Lynn's left hand and buried into the helpless victim's throat, slicing the jugular vein.  Blood sprayed her face and front, showering her in the red curse she had already once endured.  The girl ceased to struggle and her breaths became noisy gasp for life, yet slowly they, too, died.  Lynn got to her feet and stepped away, wiping blood from her face.  The talons, sharp as knives, knicked her skin.  Blood welled up on the scratches but she cared not.  It was her victory.
A growl rumbled in her throat, bubbling forth unchecked.  She bared her teeth.  The two remaining opponents, barely awake, froze in fear and stared at her.  She fought the urge to rent their throats to ribbons.  They had learned their lesson; she would not be bothered again.  Claws slid slowly and painfully back into her fingers.  Her teeth became normal -- the deadly fire in her eyes flickered out.  Her ribs aching, her face numb, Lynn turned from the bloody massacre and vanished into the world beyond.