... because randomization is a GOOD thing!

Just a bunch of random jumblings that I like to jot down.  They have no story significance whatsoever and they will never have story significance.  Well... maybe sometime in the distant future (read as "sometime next millenium").
Available Sections:
Twelve Days of Christmas: Fa lalalala!  Ryn-Carol!  I got bored in WereNet IRC and wrote this up on the spur of the moment.  People enjoyed it.  Here it is for future generations... or something.
Star Wars/Lord of the Rings/ The Mummy/Um... Something Fanfiction Thing: Don't think badly of me, but this is, in fact, fanfiction.  And it's not sexual in nature (as in there's not a sex scene every three pages, not as in there's no innuendoes or such in it); we write for entertainment.  We don't find that stuff entertaining.  Most of the stuff found in this section will be stuff I've primarily wrote and found amusing and I may add some stuff my friend wrote if I get her consent to do so.  We'll see.
Soon to come!:
Weird Summer School Thing: I wrote this in bits and pieces during the long three-year period I was in summer school in '02.  <start sarcasm> But there's no bitterness.  No, no... no bitterness at ALL. <end sarcasm>

Once again, this stuff is copyright to me.