World Tour!

Inside teh INFRAMUS Writing Notebook(TM)!

I got bored, so I figured you could use some enlightening as to what teh INFRAMUS Writing Notebook(TM) really was.  Basically, it's a notebook in which all my story snippets, notes, character sheets, name ideas, lists and so forth are stored in hard copy.
Teh INFRAMUS Writing Notebook(TM) started out as my school notebook.  Everything aside from my English journal and my Biology notes were kept in this trooper of a notebook and it endured a half year of abuse and damages.  After I started on the half-day program (in effect for the rest of that year), I began to use it more and more for story scribblings (mostly from Nothau, as that was the project I was prominently working on at the time).  Finally, when summer school (the time for a lot of my writing) ended, I ripped out all the notes and Pre-Algebra assignments and organized it into sections.  Nothau, Pup and Is a Name were the three dominant projects at the time (and the only ones that I could put in a three-ring binder) so they got their own section, but The Silver Fawn was also created in teh INFRAMUS Writing Notebook(TM) and now resides in the back of it until I can get another divider to make a section for it.  And now, without further ado, the World Tour of teh INFRAMUS Writing Notebook(TM)!

Reader/site visitor/random person sitting at another computer, meet teh INFRAMUS Writing Notebook(TM).  The little silver tag says "2XS", which can be seen one of two ways: Two X's or an acronym for See X2 written backwards.  Or maybe that last one is just proof that I'm way too obsessed with X-Men....
All the tools one such as I needs; well-kept and safe in their snug little beds.  *sigh*  It brings a tear t' me eye.  My student ID used to be kept in that shiny (ooh, shiny) slot there, but I've since burn... er... disposed of it.  That paper that you see to the side in that slot is the first part of a tutorial on Tolkien's Quenya language.
There can be no other.
These are the tabs by which teh INFRAMUS Writing Notebook(TM) are divided.  The dividers themselves are a bit thicker than regular paper, but they're nothing expensive: I think I got 'em for $0.25.  And yes, I do scribble on the dividers every so often.  Pay no mind to the "It's all mine What's his name?  Ha ha! ???" writing there.  Anyway, the sections are:
Red: Nothau
Blue: Pup
White: Characters and Creatures (also Names)
Green: Is a Name
Other Blue (you can't quite see it because it's right behind "Pup"): Art History
Other Red (not shown): The Silver Fawn
Yellow: Miscellaneous
This isn't really the first page.  It's actually the third, but the first page contains the "clues" in my Banjo-Kazooie game and if you've ever played it, you'll see why I didn't photo it.  The second contains some stuff from my Majora's Mask game and I'm all stingy about it, so you don't see that either.  So, technically, THIS is the first page.  All writings go here, in the "blank zone", before they're reorganized into whatever categories they should be.  I need to reorganize my stuff.  Now.
See my chicken-scratch writing?  This was actually back when it was semi-readable.  This is the first page of the Nothau section.  T'was written in summer school I believe; the part where Nothau awakens to the devastation Blacken left behind.  Really crap writing, now that I look on it.
First page of Pup.  See the margin note on the left?  Margin notes are my life savers.  They tell me things I forgot to add in the original writing so's I don't forget when copying them down in the final showdown.  Bow to the margin note!
This be the place where all of my name ideas get jotted down: the first page of our next section!  It's separated into three sections: Name, Assignment (ooh, special) and C&C Page # (If Applicable) (it's only "applicable" to three characters on this list).  This helps me keep track of who is who, since I have a nasty habit of recycling names.
Is a Name
Not available to the public yet, because for some reason, I didn't save the picture I took.  Ah well, patience, young grasshopper.
Also known as "History of Drawings", this is basically where I caption my artwork for later use in a future gallery.  When I get a scanner, maybe.  I dunno.
This is the home of some stuff I wrote for a fanfiction that my friend and I have been writing for nearly three years, and some funny lists I made up.  I'm sure there's other stuff in there too, like some summer school blab I had going for a bit.  See?  Even I'm not sure what all's in here!
I certainly hope you enjoyed this tour.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll add more to it later!

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