"Physical" Description

What the Cougar Looks Like

I've had a few inquiries as to what I believe Rynoah the "wereside" looks like and so, to avoid having to describe her several times over, I made a webpage, as you can see.  Remember, this is only contemplation.
Height: Not determined.  She's about an inch lower than average, probably around 6'4-5".
Weight: A bit on the thick side because she's big-boned, but she's lean and well-muscled.
Fur Color: Tawny (of course!).  Starting from the back and traveling down the sides, the fur gets a bit lighter as it progresses towards the belly, finally getting white on the underbelly.  Inner legs are kinda white and the white continues up the throat to the muzzle.  The face is a bit darker than the rest of the body the closer to the muzzle it gets.  The backs of the ears are black with a white spot.
Markings: Two small vertical dashes and horizontal patches of white above the eyes.  On either side of the peach nose is a black patch running down to the corners of the mouth so that only the front of the muzzle shows white.  The bridge of the nose is a dark brown.  The brown goes all the way up until the bridge of the nose reaches the bottom of the eyes.  It then narrows into a stripe that goes all the way down the spine, along the tail until it reaches the tip of the tail, which is engulfed in dark brown.  There is also a small dark brown dot on the left side of the neck.
Eyes: Sky blue.