Why Rynoah?

About the Nickname

Origins of Rynoah:

Bored in Pre-Algebra one day, I was trying to figure out a name for my "wereside", and started writing out different possibilities. I got "Rynoah" out of it all and stuck with it.

Shortened versions: Ryn, Ryno, Rynneh, Rynnie, Rynie, Rhino, Rinneh, Ry. I haven't ever been called "Noah" for some reason....


Rynoah Crazy Cougar Kitty (or just CCK): It's obvious. I'm a nut and the cougar kitty part should be obvious as well.

Spooky Rynoah: I'm an X-Files fan. Mulder's nickname is "Spooky" Mulder. My old handle on a chat network called Prochatting was "Mulder`s_Girl". Thus "Spooky Rynoah" was born.

Doom Kitteh Ryn(oah): A running inside joke between me and three others. We have a Doom Kitteh AngelKitten, Doom Kitteh Neko(Nick) and Doom Kitteh Kimic. We picked them up for being notoriously "evil". Shortened version of mine is DKR.

Rynoah, the Overly-Happy: Just something I pulled up spur-of-the-moment when registering on the Barrow Downs forums.  I can't change it, so it's stuck.

Other nicknames:

Evil Cougar, Othercougar*, Ultimate Cougar, Ultimate Cougar of Highest Esteem and Power, Cougar, Rynkitteh, R-Kitteh*, El Puma, La Puma, El Puma Gata, La Puma Gata, Angry Plain Kittress*, Rinoa's Evil Twin*.

Things "Rynoah" is NOT:

A variation of Rinoa from Final Fantasy 8. I may play the games, but the resemblance is purely coincidental.

Pronounced "Rhi-no-ah". It's "Rin-OH-ah".

* These nicknames are used only by certain individuals.