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Damn the Forwards!  Full speed ahead!

u r speshal 2 me
u hepled me 2 b frea
u pickt me ^ when i ws down
u woar a smil wehn i woar a froun
so thnx 4 evrythin
Sounds familiar doesn't it?  Yep: it's the main content to almost every single forward in Internet history.  The only good thing about what I just wrote is that it's not in the usual horridly-matched colors that such things are.  As you (u?) might have guessed, this page is dedicated to tearing down, disfiguring, maiming, mocking and generally letting off some steam over these inbox idiocies.  You see, I have a friend who has a nasty habit of spamming my inbox with these.  Call it her newest trend (read as: "new way to be excessively annoying").  So click, read and enjoy.  It's probably the only entertainment I'll get out of these things. 

April 23 2003: Humanity is Going -- ... I am absolutely speechless.  The stupidity of these poor thoughtless souls is mind-blowing.  Of course, what did I expect from Hotmail users?  (Note: The title in no way implies that MSN is humanity)
April 2 2003: I am "Truely" Mean -- Let's see... should I delete it and be mean or forward it and lose all self-respect I ever had?  Gee... toughie....
February 9 2003: The Friend Game -- Absolutely the most pointless forward ever.  I will now proceed to rip open my own intestines with a dull pair of clippers.
February 7 2003: I Love You! -- One of the rare "appeals to your Guilt Factor" forwards.  Gotta catch 'em all.
Crushes Name -- This is the stuff nightmares are made of.  And I don't mean because it works....
January 29 2003: The Rose -- I have to give this one some credit: at least it has semi-readable grammar, punctuation and spelling.  One of the better ones I've gotten in that area.  Content still sucks, though.  It will burn.

This little section of my site was inspired by Jeanne Rubbo's Videogame Recaps.  If you haven't been there already, get there.  Now.  Meanwhile, the rant content of this site is to me.