What's New?

The "What's New?" part of my homepage was getting just a tad bit too long so I decided to put the older stuff here.  I'll probably do the homepage area by week (i.e. every week I'll come in and move it to here).

6-9-03: Told ya I'd change the look.  Enjoy, hopefully.  If there's problems with this one, expect yet ANOTHER cosmetic overhaul.
6-5-03: Finally got Patron of Legends up on the site.  Enjoy, ye that have nothing better to do.  Also added an actual fanfiction thingy quip to the Miscellaneous section.  No good forwards, so I haven't been able to update Forward Flaks.  That makes me sad.  Doesn't that make you sad?  I'm having some problems with the new site design, so stay tuned for yet another cosmetic overhaul.  I'm running out of things to update the site; I could REALLY use some suggestions.  If you have an ounce of an idea (and it doesn't involve me stripping down and taking pictures or other such immature things), I would appreciate an e-mail.  Check out the page to contact me.  And remember: my cat hates you.
5-25-03: Long time no update.  So sue me.  I finally added a small snippet of Is a Name to the site.  Don't expect much more.  Also changed the look of the site again, as if you didn't notice.  Had some problems with my family life, so maybe that's the reason it took so long to update.  I dunno.  I just kinda forgot about this here site.  Anyway, hopefully I'm back for a good while.
4-17-03: Changed the homepage picture 'cause I was bored and it looked cute, dang it!  Also added a banner for those of you who want to link to my site.  You can find it in the Banners section.  Also dug up an old Article Rant from long ago, so bask in the old angsty goodness!
4-16-03: Lots o' stuff.  Added snippet of Untitled Patron of Legends Sequel and worked on Is a Name page (yeah, yeah, I know).  Also added a new feature!  Check out the tour of teh INFRAMUS Writing Notebook(TM)!  Fixed some stuff on the Miscellaneous page and the link to the art gallery has also been fixed.  Sorry 'bout that, folks.
4-2-03: New  for your enjoyment.  This cat's tired.
3-28-03: Wow, lots of stuff.  I finished the Wereside page, including links to the actual content.  Updated Behind the Cougar page, homepage, added a link to my new (!!!) board and didn't update Forward Flaks.  Why?  Well, I haven't gotten any good forwards to make fun of and I'm also quite, quite lazy.  What did you expect?  Anyway, to make up for it, there's a new Article rant for your viewing pleasure.
2-20-03: Tripod screwed up and wouldn't let me into Sitebuilder for about a week, so I didn't get into my site to do things until just today.  Even then, it was being buggy, so I barely got the Wereside page up.  Of course, it doesn't link to any of the sections because I'm lazy and don't want to wrestle with Sitebuilder anymore.  Look for another Forward Flak later this week and the completion of the Wereside page.
2-7-03: My DSL crashed bad this last week, so when I came back, I had two new forwards in my inbox just waiting to be opened.  You know what that means: more Forward Flaks for you!  Enjoy.
1-31-02: Been a busy week, by the looks of it.  I was taken off my 56K snailmobile and boarded the speedy DSL bus.  Removed banners from my homepage (GASP!) and revamped the Recommended Sites page to make it into a Banners page, full of the banners of my favorite sites.  You'll find the banners there as well as two others for Werenet and Videogame Recaps.  Updated the Behind the Cougar page.  Thinking of updating the homepage.  Stay tuned.
1-29-03: Added an entirely new genre of rant!  All hail the mighty Forward Flaks!  Also added first Forward Flak (duh) and pondered changing the site's look yet again.  Not that anyone looks at it anyway, but I'm not complaining.  Then, I fixed the chronological error made in the last update entry.  Unless of course, I went back to January the 24th of 2002 and made an update, which I highly doubt.  At least I don't think I did...
1-24-03: Yeah, so I haven't updated for almost a month.  Sue me.  Added Recommended Sites page and a banner to Fore_Hoof's newest (personal!) site on the homepage.  Thinking of other updates; keep your eyes peeled.
12-22-02: Merry Christmas, everyone!  Added a "Ryn-carol" to the Miscellaneous section.
11-18-02: Added the link to Pup in the page.  Also added a little more to it.
11-17-02: Added a short snippet of Pup to my website.  I haven't linked to it from the  page yet.
11-10-02: Added something to the Miscellaneous area of the Paw to Pen page. Fixed links in What's New? section.
10-29-02: Completely revamped site's look.  Still fixing bugs.  Doctored up the picture on the homepage so it looks somewhat like my wereside just because I was bored.  All links on the "What's New?" page do not work and I will fix them when I have the time.
10-28-02: Fore_Hoof was kind enough to award me with a "named account" on WereJournals so there is now a link to it from the homepage.  Slightly changed the look of site.  Look for possible bigger changes in the future.
10-21-02: After much anticipating and thinking and thoughting, I added a banner that links to Werejournals, created by a were (Fore_Hoof) FOR weres.  All you therianthropes out there better get your butt over there and support.
10-20-02: Added a long overdue rant about summer school to the Article Rants section.  Step this way for enlightenment.
10-19-02: Added a few snippets to the Paw to Pen page.  Deleted blOOPers page.  Not much good, anyway.  Added a bit more to the home page.
10-17-02: Fixed Yowl! page so it links to my new e-mail address.  Added Paw to Pen page.
10-2-02: Fixed link to Werenet blOOPers and added some more to it.  Added Jim's first episode to the Story Rants page.  Oooh baby!
9-30-02: Added first Werenet blOOPer!
9-28-02: Added blOOPers page and first blooper to the instant message section.
9-26-02: Added first rant to the Article Rant section.  W00t!  Added art gallery.
9-25-02: Added new rant to the Stories Rant section.  Check it out.  Updated Behind the Cougar section.  Fixed picture on homepage.  Fixed contact page.
9-24-02: Added first rant to the Stories Rant section. Lookie here.
9-23-02: Started site.  Duh.